Kompany Minta Pemain Manchester City Beristirahat Tepat Waktu

Kompany Minta Pemain Manchester City Beristirahat Tepat Waktu

liputan7upcash – Vincent Kompany asks all Manchester City players to sleep on time and eat right. He wants to win every remaining Champions League match.

Vincent Kompany accepts the fact that Manchester City are required to wipe out all matches in the Premier League to be able to play in the Champions League again. In order to be successful, he wants all of his colleagues to apply a high discipline scheme.

The captain believes that Liverpool will not just forget points from now until the end of the season. They still have a Premier League agenda against Manchester United on April 24 when they had to challenge Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League on April 18.

Kompany views all the more clearly if City must win always in each of their matches. "We may need to win always in each match. We can only manage what we do, one for one, "he said.

"I am currently trying to share my experience with a team partner. The last title is not the only one that needs us to be a reference to progress. "

He warned his team partners to always improve themselves. They are required to always give better results than the beginning. In order for this to happen, all the players ask for discipline in everything that is good, such as the eating scheme and their hours of sleep.

"There will always be the same type of match between two teams for us to win. In that time of struggle we must always be better. Most people must prepare themselves as well as possible. We have to sleep right at the time and eat right too. "

"There will always be pressure at all times. If we are not champions, people will say if it is a mistake. What we can do is always try and fight as much as we can, "concluded the captain of the City.

The Etihad Stadium will be enlivened by City's match against Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday April 18 or this week. The City team are seeded to win with a big score.
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